About Noam Pianko

Noam Pianko is the Samuel N. Stroum Chair of Jewish Studies and a Professor in the Jackson School of International Studies. Noam directs the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies and serves as the Herbert and Lucy Pruzan Processor of Jewish Studies. Pianko’s research interests include modern Jewish history, Zionism, and American Judaism.

Welcoming New Faculty: Liora Halperin and Sasha Senderovich

The Stroum Center is proud to announce the hire of Profs. Halperin and Senderovich to the Jewish Studies Faculty at the University of Washington.

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Tolerance Roundtable

Tolerance has meant inclusion and exclusion for Jews throughout history, writes Noam Pianko in this Introduction to our Fall Faculty Roundtable.

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“Rabbi” Immanuel Kant and Modern Jewish Thought   

How Kant's notion of Enlightenment impacted modern Judaism, from our CLF series on "A Brief History of God."

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Jewish Studies for What?

Probing the relationship among Jewish Studies, universities, and the public.

Why Questions in Introduction to Judaism?

How asking big questions can transform Introduction to Judaism courses.

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Introduction to Judaism Syllabus

Prof. Pianko's Introduction to Judaism Sylalbus

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How Did Reform Judaism Begin?

A digital story tracing the birth of the Seattle's first Temple. Video developed in Spring 2014 Digital American Jewish History course.

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Why Do Jews Have Confirmation?

Archival material sheds light on the origins of a new Jewish lifecycle event.

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