About Sarah Zaides

Sarah Zaides is a PhD Candidate in the Department of History at the University of Washington. She holds the Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, was previously the Stroum and Althea Stroum Graduate Fellow and the Titus Ellison Fellow from the Jackson School of International Studies, and has been a recipient of fellowships from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Vidal Sassoon Center, and the US Department of State. She is currently at work on a dissertation titled "Tevye’s Ottoman Daughter: Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jewries in the Shatterzones of Empire 1882-1923," which follows the saga of Russian Jews in Constantinople and Western Anatolia on the eve of Turkish and Soviet statehood. When Sarah isn't writing her dissertation, you can find her chasing vitamin D or working toward her life goal of being able to play (at least) the first movement of each of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas.

Learning Ladino–Then and Now

History student Sarah Zaides surveys a unique group of silabarios, or small grammar books that taught children how to read and write in Ladino.

Find Your Own History at the UW Archives

Searching for a unique piece of Jewish history? Follow Sarah Zaides' easy instructions for research success.

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Tevye’s Ottoman Daughter in the Ladino Press

Graduate Fellow Sarah Zaides is studying the emigration of Russian Jews to Ottoman lands in the early 20th century, using archival Ladino newspapers.

Fill the Void is a Stunning Israeli Film

This year's must-see film from Israel was directed by Rama Burshtein, a member of the ultra-Orthodox community.

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Tempest in a Soup Bowl

This week JewDub clicks has the great knaidel debate, Argentina's Jewish cowboys, and more.

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The Samaritan Bible & Destination Bar Mitzvahs

JewDub Clicks, bringing you the latest roundup of unusual Jewish news from around the world.

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The Reuben Sandwich & “God Bless America”

JewDub Clicks for July 4th highlights stories on American Jewish classics, like the Reuben sandwich.

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Carob Trees, the Daf Yomi, and Bedoiuns

Unusual Jewish news from around the world. Up this week: Lag B'omer traditions and Bedouins in the IDF.

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