Announcing the Benmayor Collection of Eastern Sephardic Ballads

Dr. Rina Benmayor tells the story of the Benmayor Collection of Eastern Sephardic Ballads, a new addition to the Stroum Center's Sephardic Digital Library.

Is It Time to Reconsider Marlowe’s and Shakespeare’s Jews?

New theories about Shakespeare's collaborative authorship could shed light on his portrayal of Jewish characters.

Questions of Denial

Where is the line between truth and opinion? One among many questions raised at a recent screening of "Denial," about Deborah E. Lipstadt's court battle.

Reading the Bible Between the Lines in Aviya Kushner’s Grammar of God

One of the deep pleasures of exploring the Bible with Aviya Kushner is finding the foreignness in a familiar text.

Denise Grollmus Interviews Dara Horn about Hebrew and Yiddish

Novelist Dara Horn spoke with Denise Grollmus about her relationship with Hebrew, a language with "emotional and cosmic significance."

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Surviving the Survival on Göran Rosenberg’s Road from Auschwitz

The Swedish journalist Göran Rosenberg retraced his father’s wartime journeys from one hellish landscape to another. Find out more about his evocative memoir and recent Seattle visit.

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Graphic Novels and the Art of Jewish Memory

Find out more about UW alum Tamar Benzikry and her focus on Jewish arts education.

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“Totes Koshe” T-shirts and the Rise of Cheeky Yiddish Leisurewear

Edgy t-shirts are using Jewish-sounding words as a sexy identity statement. Hannah Pressman investigates.

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