How are Jews depicted in French literature?

Dive into the history of French Jews by exploring the literature of Balzac. New post by Grad Fellow Christina Sutton.

Ladino from Seattle to Buenos Aires

Molly FitzMorris, a UW Jewish Studies Graduate Fellow, studies the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) of two distinct speech communities: Seattle and Buenos Aires.

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Broken Glass and the Berlin Wall

Graduate Fellow Katja Schatte reflects on being part of the "Third Generation East" and writing post-Holocaust German history.

A Guide to Sephardic Raki Drinking

Grad Fellow Esra Bakkalbasioglu reflects on the raki-maker Rabbi Nahmias, the rebetiko singer Roza Eskenazi, and Jewish identities.

The Sound of Jewish Life in Poland

Listen to Grad Fellow Denise Grollmus’s podcast on Jewish life in Poland, recently nominated for a prestigious UK award.

Space, Society, and Solar Panels in Israel

How do energy resources affect Middle Eastern communities? Grad Fellow Esra Bakkalbasioglu offers her thoughts.

My Winter Quarter in Istanbul

Grad Fellow Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano found manuscripts, mentors, and inspiration during his research quarter in Istanbul, Turkey.

Tevye’s Ottoman Daughter in the Ladino Press

Graduate Fellow Sarah Zaides is studying the emigration of Russian Jews to Ottoman lands in the early 20th century, using archival Ladino newspapers.