American Jews and Hebrew–A Case of Active Resistance

It's not that American Jews can't learn Hebrew-they actively won't. Michael Weingrad argues that the psychological history of immigration is the reason why.

A Problem of Naming

For Adam Rovner, teaching "Yad Vashem," a Hebrew story by Aharon Megged published in 1955, the challenges start with the name itself.

A Bridge of Words

Is Hebrew an abyss--or a bridge to new worlds? Brandeis PhD student Aviv Ben Or muses on the language that inspires him.

Learn a year’s worth of Hebrew this summer!

Say "shalom" to popular Hebrew instructor Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz, who is teaching MODHEB 105 this summer.

“The Jews are Coming” offers Hebrew satire of Jewish history

Wendy Zierler of Hebrew Union College digs into the Israeli tv hit "The Jews are Coming," which offers Hebrew satire of Jewish history.

Meet Anat Mooreville, this year’s Cole Fellow in Jewish Studies

Learn about the celebrity eye doctor in Jerusalem who sparked Anat Mooreville's research on global health.

Stroum Center Launches “Israel Studies Today” Lecture Series

Find out about new research directions in the growing field of Israel Studies. First lecture is Jan. 25th!

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Israel in Jewish American Literature

How have Jewish American writers portrayed Israel? Naomi Sokoloff presents an overview in "The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature"