The Jewish-Islamic Nexus

Hamza Zafer examines the intellectual and theological exchanges between Muslim thinkers and Jewish thinkers like Saadia Gaon.

“Rabbi” Immanuel Kant and Modern Jewish Thought   

How Kant's notion of Enlightenment impacted modern Judaism, from our CLF series on "A Brief History of God."

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Can Jewish peoplehood matter today?

Noam Pianko explores the past of Jewish peoplehood to consider its future possibilities.

Was Spinoza a Heretic or a Theologian?

Spinoza, the philosopher who was excommunicated from Judaism, distinguished between religion and superstition.

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Jewish history should include non-Jews. Here’s why.

Daniel Bessner looks at the history of European exiles who joined the US defense industry during the Cold War.

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Telling Our Stories, Telling Our Selves: Inquiring about Gods and Cultural Identities

Do people create gods and myths in their own image? Prof. Sarah Stroup investigates using Greek and Hebrew classical texts.

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God, Angels, and Mediators in Ancient Judaism

Find out what Prof. Mika Ahuvia taught at her Community Learning Fellowship session on angels!

Does new Seattle Jewish community study offer good news or bad news?

Tips for understanding the latest findings about Seattle's Jewish community.

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