Ruth Behar on Obama’s Cuba Decision

Ruth Behar was born into the tight-knit Cuban Jewish community. Read her poignant reflection on the historic decision to normalize American ties with Cuba.

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Watch Joel Migdal on Russian News Show

Migdal discusses his new book, Shifting Sands, and modern U.S. foreign policy on "Worlds Apart."

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Tablet Magazine: Try Sephardic Jewish Ham This Thanksgiving!

A recipe from Prof. Ana Gomez-Bravo’s Converso Cookbook is featured in Tablet Magazine as a tasty option for your Thanksgiving meal!

“Try Some Jewish Ham This Thanksgiving” (Nov. 24) suggests

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UW Alum Hired as New Program Coordinator

The Stroum Center welcomes Rebecca Steelman, Class of 2014, onto our staff as Program Coordinator.

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Pianko Part of National Debate on Intro to Judaism

Noam Pianko is one of three scholars debating how Intro to Judaism courses should be rethought in the 21st century.

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Burstein on Pew, American Jewry, and Jewish Studies

The sociologist and former chair of UW Jewish Studies reflects on the changing nature of American Jewish identity and the field of Jewish Studies.

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Jewish Studies Gala Evening

On May 13th, 2014, faculty, students, staff, and community supporters joined together to celebrate 40 years of Jewish Studies at the University of Washington.

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What Can Angels Teach Us About Judaism?

Ahuvia specializes in ancient Judaism and says, "My goal is to help students find their own voice."

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