Connecting Community to Famous Hebrew Writers

Naomi Sokoloff is introducing audiences to major Hebrew authors in a new Stroum Center series of film screenings. First up: national poet H.N. Bialik.

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Spotlight on Students: Shawn Laramie ’16

Shawn Laramie '16 took Introduction to Judaism at UW as a way to explore his heritage, and found connection in many other ways.

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New Class on Bioethics: Secular and Jewish Perspectives

Professor Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz A man diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), begins to experience respiratory failure. His wife rushes him to the hospital and insists that he be connected to a respirator, only to be advised by doctors that even with the machine’s assistance, there is no guarantee that the

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Explore Jewish Studies, Sephardic Studies and Israel Studies with UW Study Abroad!

Undergrads looking to take coursework abroad in Jewish Studies, Sephardic Studies, Israel Studies, or related languages can find many pre-approved study abroad options through UW Study Abroad.

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Who were the most radical Jews in history?

A new team-taught course this fall showcases radical Jews ranging from Jesus to Bernie Sanders.

Applications welcome for 2017-2018 Hazel D. Cole Fellowship at UW

The Hazel D. Cole Fellowship is a post-doctoral opportunity at the Pacific Northwest's flagship Jewish Studies program. Applications due Oct. 31st.

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Announcing the 2016-17 Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows!

The new class of Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows includes students in Political Science, English, and International Studies.

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Michael Rosenthal, scholar of Spinoza, becomes new Stroum Chair

Michael Rosenthal, expert in early modern philosophy, will plan a Spinoza conference and seminars on core texts in his role as the new Stroum Chair at UW.

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