Finding Family Roots & Exploring Jewish Nationalisms

Denise Grollmus' discovery that her family had Jewish roots led her to study contemporary Jewish-Polish culture.

Who was UW’s first Jewish Studies major?

Jewish Studies got started at the UW as part of a national movement in the early 1970s. We interviewed a trailblazing student from that era.

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Can you dig it? Learning hands-on archaeology at Tel Dor

Sophomore Nicole Aqua spent the summer digging up history on Israel's northern coast.

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Migration Stories

PhD student and scholarship winner Yoav Duman explains how his personal history led to an interest in immigration studies.

Flipflops & Flashcards

Sarah Zaides dives under the surface of her Jerusalem pool and finds unexpected benefits of staying fit abroad.

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Just a Lonely Jew on…Ramadan?

It is a universal truth known to man that everyone loves Chinese food.

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Adventures in Israel

Follow Charlotte's travels through Israel — camels, soldiers, volunteering and learning lessons from her students.

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Teaching Bible in Lebanon

The complexity of human beings undermines the supposed tidiness of politics. Last summer during my first trip to Israel, my interactions with individuals placed into question my naive trust in political claims.

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