Dancing and jumping or laughing and singing? Sephardic Purim songs and customs

Ty Alhadeff shares one of the many forgotten Sephardic songs for Purim.

The younger generation now should reclaim Judeo-Spanish | Şalom Turkey – Şalom Gazetesi

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Announcing the Benmayor Collection of Eastern Sephardic Ballads

Dr. Rina Benmayor tells the story of the Benmayor Collection of Eastern Sephardic Ballads, a new addition to the Stroum Center's Sephardic Digital Library.

A Book Lover’s Tour of Judaica Libraries in Los Angeles

Scholar, translator, and librarian Emily Thompson visited Judaica libraries in LA to learn more about their collections and operations.

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Devin E. Naar’s “Jewish Salonica” Book Release

Mazel tov to Dr. Devin E. Naar, whose archival work for "Jewish Salonica," his first book, won two National Jewish Book Awards.

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Professor Devin Naar’s new book “Jewish Salonica” wins a 2016 National Jewish Book Award | Tablet Magazine

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Ladino Day 2016

Information, videos, and media related to International Ladino Day 2016 at the University of Washington.

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10 Ladino sayings explaining the world we live in today | World Jewish Congress

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