What is the history of Ladino and its alphabet?

New video interview between David Bunis and Devin Naar about Ladino, the treasured language of Sephardic Jews.

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Learn How to Write Soletreo (the Ladino Alphabet) with David Bunis

New video has a complete tutorial on writing soletreo, the alphabet of the endangered Ladino language!

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JewDub Talks on the Cold War, Muslim-Jewish Ties, Peoplehood, and Jewish Art

One night. Four talks. Endless possibilities. Catch the 3rd annual JewDub Talks on Jan. 29th!

Schmoozing and Smiling at the 40th Anniversary Gala

Some of our favorite moments from the Stroum Center's Spring 2014 40th Anniversary Gala.

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Watch Joel Migdal on Russian News Show

Migdal discusses his new book, Shifting Sands, and modern U.S. foreign policy on "Worlds Apart."

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How Did Reform Judaism Begin?

A digital story tracing the birth of the Seattle's first Temple. Video developed in Spring 2014 Digital American Jewish History course.

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Thinking Forward with Jewish Studies: Devin Naar

How the Sephardic Studies Program at the UW has grown, and what's ahead for this exciting academic venture.

Thinking Forward with Jewish Studies: Rebecca Steelman & Griffin Taylor

Undergraduate leaders reflect on the impact Jewish Studies has had on their college careers and future goals.

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