Thinking Forward with Jewish Studies: Tamar Benzikry

UW Alumna Tamar Benzikry-Stern reflects on how Jewish Studies classes taught her the value of context.

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Are Jews Descended from Khazars?

Video of Prof. Shaul Stamfer of the Hebrew University, who debunks the Khazar conversion myth.

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Thinking Forward with Jewish Studies: Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano

How a special book and the encouragement of a professor changed the course of his PhD research.

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Interview with Ilan Stavans: The Beauty of the Hebrew Language

Visiting scholar Ilan Stavans discusses the beauty of the Hebrew language in this video interview.

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JewDub Talks 2013

Watch all of the TED-style lectures from the second annual JewDub Talks.

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JewDub Talks 2012

Watch all of the mini-lectures from the 2012 JewDubTalks event.

Steven Cohen on Borderland Jews

Steven Cohen's first Stroum Lecture describes a group he calls "Borderland Jews."

The America-Israel Connection with Steven Cohen

Now showing on JewDub TV: Steven Cohen's lecture on the America-Israel connection.