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JTNews: Short talks, well worth the time!

It started out as a simple idea: one evening with four professors giving short lectures on interesting topics. However, it’s quickly becoming clear that the first-ever JewDub Talks could have a lasting impact far beyond the event itself, held on November 8th. The Stroum Jewish Studies Program will be producing videos of each lecture, with the hopes of sharing these unique talks with a broader audience around the country.

Joel Magalnick of JTNews (and JewDub’s Editorial Council) was in the audience on November 8th and interviewed both the organizers and participants for his article, “15 Minutes of Knowledge.” Magalnick observes,  

Everyone, as Andy Warhol put it, gets their 15 minutes of fame. But what’s more enriching, and without the glare of the paparazzi, is getting 15 minutes of knowledge.

Click here for the full story. And check back with stroumjewishstudies.org for the latest on Jewish Studies events, courses, and news!

Hannah Pressman

Author:Hannah Pressman

Dr. Hannah Pressman is the Communications Director for the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at UW. She also directs the Jewish Studies Graduate Fellowship and Faculty Digital Fellowship. A lifelong lover of languages and literatures, she earned her Ph.D. in modern Hebrew literature from New York University. Her research explores autobiography and Jewish identity--why and how people tell their stories. You can follow Hannah on Twitter @jew_dub.

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