Sephardic Ballads Collection


The Benmayor Collection of Eastern Sephardic Ballads and Other Lore is a collection of over 140 audio recordings gathered by Dr. Rina Benmayor in Seattle and Los Angeles during the 1970s.

A Sephardic Lighthouse- Museum Exhibit


Enter the world of Albert D. Levy (1896-1963), one of the leading Sephardic thinkers of 20th century. This exhibit contains original Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) writings, photographs, and documents from Albert Levy’s prolific career in education, scholarship, and cultural activism.

Mapping Memory

Based on interviews and memoirs, the Mapping Memory project follows the extraordinary paths of Jewish refugees around the time of the Second World War (1939-1945).

Marty Jaffee’s Sifre Devarim E-Book

A new online translation of the tannaitic midrash Sifre Devarim that emphasizes the oral performative dimension of the text.

Soletreo Writing Resources


Devin Naar and David Bunis teach viewers how to write in Soletreo and discuss the history of the Sephardic script.

Joel S. Migdal’s Website

Learn more about Joel S. Migdal's current research, publications, and views on the latest news at his official faculty website.

Naomi Sokoloff’s Modern Hebrew Blog

Read Naomi Sokoloff's writing on the modern Hebrew language and contemporary Israeli culture and learn more about the Modern Hebrew program at the UW.

Ana Gómez-Bravo’s Converso Cookbook


Find out how to make popular Jewish dishes from 15th century Spain in Ana Gómez-Bravo's online cookbook.

Digital American Jewish History Projects

Students' videos and online research projects from the Spring 2014 Jewish American History class.