Do American Jews Have White Privilege?

Graduate Fellow Rachel Graf on the ways American Jews can recognize their own biases and fight inequality.

Israel in Jewish American Literature

How have Jewish American writers portrayed Israel? Naomi Sokoloff presents an overview in "The Cambridge History of Jewish American Literature"

Sephardi Lives in Living Color

An interview with Julia Phillips Cohen and Sarah Abrevaya Stein, co-editors of the award-winning collection Sephardi Lives. Both scholars will attend Seattle's Ladino Day on Dec. 6th.

Pianko “Peoplehood” Book Launch

Why does peoplehood matter? Join us for a reading and reception on Nov. 18.

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Defining the Ladino Speech Community in Seattle

New commentary by Graduate Fellow Molly FitzMorris, a PhD student in linguistics.

Can Jewish peoplehood matter today?

Noam Pianko explores the past of Jewish peoplehood to consider its future possibilities.

UW Sephardic document appears in new PBS film The Jewish Journey: America

Sephardic history featured in documentary about American Jewish immigration.

Sephardic Purim Customs from the Old World to the Pacific Northwest

Sesame candy and drinking ditties are part of Sephardic Purim celebrations. Ty Alhadeff shares forgotten song lyrics and customs.