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Mazel Tov to Dr. Marina Rustow on MacArthur Genius Award

Dr. Marina Rustow, a former Cole Fellow at the Stroum Center, received a MacArthur Genius Award for her work on the Cairo Geniza.

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A Jewish Historian’s Plea for Global Refugees

What can the Jewish history of migration teach us about today’s global refugee crisis?

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The Jewish-Islamic Nexus

Hamza Zafer examines the intellectual and theological exchanges between Muslim thinkers and Jewish thinkers like Saadia Gaon.

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Jewish-Muslim ties go way back, and my DNA is proof.

Hamza Zafer's discovery that he had a Jewish ancestor caused him to reconsider Jewish-Muslim ties.

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May 1 Spring Research Symposium Features Graduate Fellows

Papers on Ladino, the bible, French novels, post-war East Germany, and Jewish animated short films will be presented on May 1.

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Telling Our Stories, Telling Our Selves: Inquiring about Gods and Cultural Identities

Do people create gods and myths in their own image? Prof. Sarah Stroup investigates using Greek and Hebrew classical texts.

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God, Angels, and Mediators in Ancient Judaism

Find out what Prof. Mika Ahuvia taught at her Community Learning Fellowship session on angels!

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Rereading Zipporah and the Circumcision Convenant

Find out the story behind Zipporah, the wife of Moses, and the mysterious text about circumcision in the Book of Exodus.

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