How menschy is the Mensch on a Bench?

Moshe the Mensch is ready for his selfie, but are we ready for another Hanukkah mascot?

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Broken Glass and the Berlin Wall

Graduate Fellow Katja Schatte reflects on being part of the "Third Generation East" and writing post-Holocaust German history.

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Watch Joel Migdal on Russian News Show

Migdal discusses his new book, Shifting Sands, and modern U.S. foreign policy on "Worlds Apart."

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The Birth of the Sephardic Studies Program at UW

Prof. Devin Naar reviews the achievements of UW Sephardic Studies and offers a preview for 2014-15.

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We’re reconsidering Spinoza, but would he reconsider us?

Marc Cohen suggests what is at stake in recent debates about the famously excommunicated philosopher.

A Guide to Sephardic Raki Drinking

Grad Fellow Esra Bakkalbasioglu reflects on the raki-maker Rabbi Nahmias, the rebetiko singer Roza Eskenazi, and Jewish identities.

Meet our new Graduate Fellows!

Projects ranging from Ladino in Seattle to national identity in Israel.

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A Guidebook for Sephardic Immigrants

Devin Naar's new blog series sheds light on rare Ladino artifacts found here in Seattle.

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