A Ladino Haggadah with Woodcuts and Wine Spills

A Ladino Haggadah from the UW Sephardic Studies Digital Library and Museum reminds us that Passover rituals are timeless.

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The Hebrew Alphabet gets an Orthodox Feminist Makeover

Israeli musician Victoria Hanna's subversive Hebrew alphabet has rap beats and more than a little feminism.

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Join us to welcome Mika Ahuvia to the UW!

Professor Mika Ahuvia will discuss how and why angels were incorporated into midrashic, mystical, liturgical and magical contexts in Jewish antiquity.

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Ladino from Seattle to Buenos Aires

Molly FitzMorris, a UW Jewish Studies Graduate Fellow, studies the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) of two distinct speech communities: Seattle and Buenos Aires.

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Ruth Behar on Obama’s Cuba Decision

Ruth Behar was born into the tight-knit Cuban Jewish community. Read her poignant reflection on the historic decision to normalize American ties with Cuba.

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Broken Glass and the Berlin Wall

Graduate Fellow Katja Schatte reflects on being part of the "Third Generation East" and writing post-Holocaust German history.

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The Birth of the Sephardic Studies Program at UW

Prof. Devin Naar reviews the achievements of UW Sephardic Studies and offers a preview for 2014-15.

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We’re reconsidering Spinoza, but would he reconsider us?

Marc Cohen suggests what is at stake in recent debates about the famously excommunicated philosopher.