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Remembering Rhodes, 70 Years Later

Reflecting on family history and the Holocaust

Spinoza Reconsidered

Marc Cohen's take on Judaism's most popular ex-member
UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies

The Sound of Jewish Life in Poland

Denise Grollmus on the incredible Polish-Jewish revival
Seder Manuscript Panel, Barcelona, 1340

Fall classes open windows onto worlds

Learn about pre-1492 Sephardic culture, modern European Jewish thought, and more! Registration starts May 9th.

A Guidebook for Sephardic Immigrants

Devin Naar's new blog series sheds light on rare Ladino artifacts found here in Seattle.

Digging for the Past, Looking to the Future

Roll up your sleeves and dig into our profile of Prof. Sarah Stroup and the Tel Dor Field School.

Cave Men: Finding the Roots of Religion

Monks, mosaics, mosques: the landscape of Turkey is the backdrop for one student's meaningful encounters with different faith traditions.
Steven & Students - full sized

Borderland Jews in Seattle

Young leaders of Seattle's Jewish community debate new demographic trends at Cohen learn-in.

How square is the hipster haggadah?

The New American Haggadah is a literary sensation, but is it a useful ritual guide?

Jonathan Sarna in Seattle

Brandeis Professor Jonathan Sarna discussed his perception of changing trends in American Judaism
Ivory Coast

Africa Issues in a Nutshell

Daniel Chirot worked as a consultant for CARE in Niger in 2000 promoting civil society organizations.  He worked as a consultant for CARE in the Ivory Coast in 2003-2004 and briefly in 2006 during the civil war there, also helping to organize local organizations to improve their situations at a ...