האימוץ הישראלי – The Israeli Adoption

Cathy Merchant's account of communicating with her Israeli family in Seattle. A special Hebrew post!

Wandering in Jerusalem

From kabobs to nighttime concerts, Sarah Zaides shares the best of her summer in Jlem.

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Close Encounters with Hebrew: Project Imutz

To enhance their Hebrew language skills, UW students connected with Israelis in the Seattle community.

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Toulouse, Vegans, and Jewish New Mexico

Around the world in four clicks: a fresh serving of news, brought to you by JewDub.

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Just a Lonely Jew on…Ramadan?

It is a universal truth known to man that everyone loves Chinese food.

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When Kasha Became Cool

Reinvented knishes, bacon-wrapped matzoh balls - what else will the New Jewish Foodies concoct? Lara Rabinovitch investigates.

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The Shokhet Next Door

Do you know where your Shabbos meal came from? Sarah Zaides reflects on the Savage-Litfin conversation on food and faith.

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A Bagel for Your Troubles

Food is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture because it reminds us of our own survival. Hannah Pressman asks whether our love of bagels can lead to positive change in the world.

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