Crossing the Bosphorus: A Sephardic Memoir in a 100-Year-Old French Notebook

Finding clues to a great-grandmother's migratory life in her notebook from the Alliance Israelite Universelle school.

Reading Roundup: New Titles in Sephardic Studies

Pocket-sized reviews of three new Sephardic Studies books that are connected by the theme of citizenship and identity in America and around the globe.

Announcing the 2016-17 Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows!

The new class of Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows includes students in Political Science, English, and International Studies.

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Hebrew and the Humanities Symposium

How does Hebrew study reflect the position of the humanities in higher education? Watch (and read) 2016 conference participants' answers to this and other questions about Hebrew's place in the United States and in higher ed.

Reading the Bible Between the Lines in Aviya Kushner’s Grammar of God

One of the deep pleasures of exploring the Bible with Aviya Kushner is finding the foreignness in a familiar text.

Hebrew Letters that Dance

A whimsical poster of the Hebrew alphabet bears memories as well as some deep-seated ideology about Jewish languages.

Surviving the Survival on Göran Rosenberg’s Road from Auschwitz

The Swedish journalist Göran Rosenberg retraced his father’s wartime journeys from one hellish landscape to another. Find out more about his evocative memoir and recent Seattle visit.

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“Totes Koshe” T-shirts and the Rise of Cheeky Yiddish Leisurewear

Edgy t-shirts are using Jewish-sounding words as a sexy identity statement. Hannah Pressman investigates.

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