Pianko’s “Jewish Peoplehood” Wins Book Prize

Cover of Noam Pianko's book, "Jewish Peoplehood" The Stroum Center is proud to announce that Jewish Peoplehood: An American Innovation (Key Words in

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The Haskalah: Jewish Modernity & Shame

Professor Yitzhak Melamed argues that the German Jewish Enlightenment movement, the Haskalah, was motivated by a profound sense of shame.

Prophets at War: Hermann Cohen and German Jews in the First World War

During World War I, philosopher Hermann Cohen argued that Jews could be true and full citizens of the new German nation-state. Many of his contemporaries, including other Jews, disagreed. Professor Michael Rosenthal explains.

Professor Devin Naar’s new book “Jewish Salonica” wins a 2016 National Jewish Book Award | Tablet Magazine

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In Budapest, Experiencing How History Impacts Our Present

Halle Friedland, winner of a Jewish Studies Opportunity Grant, spent last winter in Hungary.

Devin Naar’s book ‘Jewish Salonica’ tells of city’s transition from Ottoman Empire to Greece | UW Today

My father was a refugee. Here’s why the immigration conversation matters.

Michael Rosenthal considers key moral and political questions on immigration. Join him for a 10/27 panel on this topic.

UW professor helps TV star Lea Michele discover her Sephardic heritage | UW Today

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