Holocaust hero is subject of UW library exhibit cosponsored by Stroum Center

The Stroum Center is a cosponsor of the UW Library's new exhibit about Holocaust hero Jan Karski, on display until March 15th.

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Waltzing with History, Family, and Culture in Jewish Animated Films

Grad Fellow Justin Shanitkvich studies how art wrestles with modern Jewish identity.

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Speaking on Salonica’s Sacred Ground

How Salonica in particular, and contemporary Greece in general, are coming to terms with the horrors of the Holocaust.

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Broken Glass and the Berlin Wall

Graduate Fellow Katja Schatte reflects on being part of the "Third Generation East" and writing post-Holocaust German history.

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Seattle’s Sephardic Veterans of the World Wars

A special Sephardic Studies article for Veterans Day

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Tisha Be-Av in Sephardic Seattle: A Ladino Journey from the Old World to the New

Prayers and poems written in Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language of Sephardic Jews, give a window onto the annual Jewish holiday of Tisha Be-Av.

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Remembering Rhodes, Family History, and the Sephardic Holocaust

As the Rhodes Jewish community marks a solemn anniversary, Hannah Pressman considers what it means to search for family history in the wake of the Holocaust.

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The Sound of Jewish Life in Poland

Listen to Grad Fellow Denise Grollmus’s podcast on Jewish life in Poland, recently nominated for a prestigious UK award.