Learning about the Other

Seeing and understanding the experience of others just might be the most Jewish ethical obligation--and the most universal.

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Service-Learning with a Smile

Incorporating community service made an undergrad Jewish history course more meaningful.

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The people in your neighborhood

The Golden Rule, reconsidered: insights from this year's Stroum Learn-in.

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A Note on Footnotes

How important are those little notes in the margins? An Israeli film about academic hijinks prompts a reflection.

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Music and the Power to Connect

Grad student Millicent Haase explores the fusion sound of Gad Elbaz and Alon De Loco.

Hebrew in Song

Professor Naomi Sokoloff's Winter 2012 course explored the history of Israel through popular music.

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A Bagel for Your Troubles

Food is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture because it reminds us of our own survival. Hannah Pressman asks whether our love of bagels can lead to positive change in the world.

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Israel’s Rosa Parks Moment

A discussion of the recent debates on gender and the role of religion in Israeli politics.

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