What can literary scholars working in the field of Jewish Studies teach us about how to survive (and resist) the Trump Era? A lot, it seems.

It’s no secret that humanities scholars have spent the past few decades forced to justify their value, but in the Age of Trump, their role beyond the ivory tower is more important than ever.

Get Ready to Get JEW ST!

Beginning in Autumn 2017, the prefix for Jewish Studies courses will change from JSIS C to JEW ST to make Jewish Studies courses more visible

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Spotlight on Students: Shawn Laramie ’16

Shawn Laramie '16 took Introduction to Judaism at UW as a way to explore his heritage, and found connection in many other ways.

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Introduction to Judaism Syllabus

Prof. Pianko's Introduction to Judaism Sylalbus

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“Jewish Studies Can Impact the Heart and the Mind”: Interview with Beth Huppin

Seattle Jewish community educator Beth Huppin describes how UW Jewish Studies and Prof. Deborah Lipstadt changed her vision of Jewish education.

The New Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at UW!

The Stroum Center will join the other academic centers housed in the Jackson School. The new Sephardic Studies Program will be part of this exciting expansion.

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Who was UW’s first Jewish Studies major?

Jewish Studies got started at the UW as part of a national movement in the early 1970s. We interviewed a trailblazing student from that era.

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The Buzz Without the Caffeine

No latte required: Sarah Zaides reports on the stimulating takeaways from JewDub Talks.

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