Spinoza, Industrialization, and the Nineteenth-Century Ethos of Repose

Professor Tracy Matysik traces philosophers' early critiques of capitalism and its breakneck pace, and finds a surprising remedy in Spinoza's ideas about God.

Prophets at War: Hermann Cohen and German Jews in the First World War

During World War I, philosopher Hermann Cohen argued that Jews could be true and full citizens of the new German nation-state. Many of his contemporaries, including other Jews, disagreed. Professor Michael Rosenthal explains.

Why Do Hannah Arendt’s Ideas about Evil and the Holocaust Still Matter?

New interview with Michael Rosenthal on the controversial philosopher.

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Arendt, Eichmann, and Evil Revisited in New Film

The complex life of the woman behind one of modern philosophy's most infamous phrases.

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Why is Circumcision a Human Rights Issue?

An ancient practice is now the focus of intense debates. Prof. Michael Rosenthal explains why he decided to organize a panel discussion.

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