The Flavor of Rhodes: Paradise Lost, Recipe Saved

The art of the boreka told through the Ladino letters of Rachel Shemarya.

Jews, Muslims, and the Limits of Tolerance

Non-Muslims were accepted in the Ottoman Empire, but the tolerance policy for Jews had limits. Devin E. Naar suggests why tolerance is a double-edged idea.

The High Holidays in Ladino: a Rhodesli Custom from Romania to Johannesburg, Seattle, and Beyond

Follow the journey of Rabbi Israel's poetic translations of Sephardic liturgy into the twenty-first century.

Sephardic Studies Coordinator features in article on Jewish traditions | The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

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A Sephardic seder, of sorts, for Rosh Hashanah | (JTA) Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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Reading the Bible Between the Lines in Aviya Kushner’s Grammar of God

One of the deep pleasures of exploring the Bible with Aviya Kushner is finding the foreignness in a familiar text.

The Ethics of Our Fathers in the Sephardic Tradition

Explore the Sephardic custom of chanting Pirke Avot during the Omer period leading up to Shavuot.

Hebrew infusion in my American life connects me to Jews around the world

Sarah Benor loved hearing the mix of Hebrew and English at childhood summer camp. Now a prize-winning sociolinguist, she reflects on how Hebrew impacts her American Jewish identity.