The Fourth Annual International Ladino Day Celebration Video

We are pleased to share our video recording of the November 30, 2016 International Ladino Day celebration in Seattle.

Salonican Shavuot Traditions | My Jewish Learning

Prof. Devin Naar on Jewish Salonica and the Greek Nation | Ottoman History Podcast

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Crossing the Red Sea in Ladino: A Rare Sephardic Passover Ballad

A rare Ladino ballad for the last day of Passover sung by Mr. Leo Azose a native of Mármara.

Ladino Songs at the Sephardic Passover Seder | My Jewish Learning

“Who Knows One?” in Ladino: The Power of Oral Tradition at the Sephardic Passover Seder

To enrich your Passover experience, explore how Sephardic communities developed a variety of lyrics and melodies for their Ladino adaptations of the song Ehad Mi-Yodea.

Dancing and jumping or laughing and singing? Sephardic Purim songs and customs

Ty Alhadeff shares one of the many forgotten Sephardic songs for Purim.

The younger generation now should reclaim Judeo-Spanish | Şalom Turkey – Şalom Gazetesi

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