Spotlight on Students: Shawn Laramie ’16

Shawn Laramie '16 took Introduction to Judaism at UW as a way to explore his heritage, and found connection in many other ways.

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Mapping the History of Spain, Jews, and World War II

Ryan Gompertz, a UW alum, created the Mapping Memory project to trace the paths of Jewish war refugees through Spain.

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Mapping Memory: From Story to History

Ryan Gompertz, a UW law student, has developed a mapping webpage that traces the journeys of Jewish refugees through Europe during World War II.

Still Hope for Israeli Reggae Music – Hatikva 6

Hatikva 6 is an Israeli reggae band inspired by Bob Marley, but with Hebrew lyrics relating to Israeli life. Post by UW Hebrew student Gaby Natelson.

Meet our 2015 Student Travel Grant winners!

This year's winners are heading to Europe, Israel, and the Black Sea region.

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UW Hebrew Students Reach New Heights with FLAS Awards

Find out which UW Hebrew students have excelled in their studies thanks to FLAS awards. Applications for next year will be available soon!

Meet our Jewish Studies Travel Grant Winners!

This year's winners are set for adventures abroad. Find out who won this year's undergrad travel grants.

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Meet our new Jewish Studies Student Committee Leaders!

Incoming co-coordinators Angela Ugalino and Griffin Taylor hope to strengthen ties between students and faculty.

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