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Winter Courses with Visiting Professor David Bunis

Sephardim on Jerusalem Course Flyer

Sephardim on Jerusalem Course Flyer

Ladino for Beginners

Ladino for Beginners Course Flyer

This winter, the Sephardic Studies Program is pleased to offer two special courses with Visiting Professor David Bunis, a world-famous expert on Ladino and Jewish languages.  Learn the fundamentals of Modern Ladino/Judaeo-Spanish in Ladino for Beginners, and examine the ways in which Jerusalem has been depicted by Sephardic Jews across history in Sephardim on Jerusalem.  Click through to the courses pages to find links for registration.

2013-2014 Save the Dates

Get a sneak preview of all the exciting events lined up for the Sephardic Studies Program in 2013-14! Click here to view or download a PDF list, or view an online listing with links to the Jewish Studies calendar.

About the Sephardic Studies Program

Ladino Theater

A Ladino theater production. Photo courtesy of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society Photo Archive, UW Special Collection

As home to one of the largest and most vibrant Sephardic communities in the United States, Seattle offers an ideal environment in which to preserve the legacy of the Sephardic Jewish experience.

Partnering with community leaders, the Sephardic Studies Program of the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Washington aims to establish a world-renowned program for the study, teaching, and perpetuation of Sephardic culture and the Ladino language.

The University of Washington is uniquely situated to serve not only as a center for the study of the Sephardic experience by students and scholars, but also a multifaceted resource center for Sephardic Jews in the community and worldwide.

The Sephardic Studies Program has already energized student, faculty, and community involvement in Sephardic history and culture through innovative research opportunities, new courses, and public lectures. Our three mutually enriching areas of focus are research, teaching, and community engagement.

Dr. Devin Naar, Program Coordinator

Naar headshotDevin E. Naar is the Marsha & Jay Glazer Assistant Professor in Jewish Studies and Assistant Professor of History at the University of Washington. Originally from New Jersey, Dr. Naar graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis. Following a year in Greece as a Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Naar began his PhD in History at Stanford University. Dr. Naar’s dissertation, “Jewish Salonica and the ‘Making of the Jerusalem of the Balkans,’ 1890-1943,” received the Elizabeth Spillman Rosenfeld Prize for best written dissertation in Stanford’s Department of History in 2011.

In recognition of the contributions he has already made to the study of Sephardic history, Dr. Naar was recently elected to the Academic Advisory Council of the Center for Jewish History in New York. He is the only assistant professor to receive this prestigious post, where he will represent the American Sephardic Federation.

Read more about Professor Naar at his Jewish Studies faculty page.

Welcoming Devin Naar

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Phone: (206) 616-6202

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