Pisqa’ 120

Pisqa’ 1201


“Now, remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt” (Dt.15:15).

Just as, in Egypt, I repeatedly provided for you,

so must you, too, repeatedly provide for him [your freed slave];

just as, in Egypt, I gave to you with an open hand,

so must you, too, give to him with an open hand.

And, similarly, He says:

“There are dove’s wings plaited with silver” (Ps.68:14)—

this refers to Israel’s despoiling [of the Egyptians] in Egypt.

“And her limbs with engraved gold” (Ps.68:14)—

this refers to the despoiling [of Egypt] at the Sea.

“We will make for you bracelets of gold” (Song 1:11)—

this refers to the despoiling of Egypt in the Sea.

“With studs of silver” (Song1:11)—

this refers to the despoiling [of the Egyptians] in Egypt.2

“Therefore, I command you concerning this matter today” (Dt.15:15)—

during the day you may pierce the ear

[of the Hebrew slave who wishes to remain enslaved];

but you may not pierce the ear at night.

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  2. //Mechilta Ishmael, paskha’,13.