Pisqa’ 139

Pisqa’ 1391


“So that you remember that you were a slave in Egypt,

and you preserve and observe these laws” (Dt.16:12).

Does this teach that

practices mandated for the Closure-festival

[regarding productive work]

apply to Passover and the Feast [of Huts as well]?

Or, might it even teach that

practices mandated for

Passover and the Feast

apply to the Closure-festival [of each]?

The Teaching states:

These laws” (Dt.16:12)—

these teaches that

these [prohibitions of productive labor]

apply [only] to the Closure-festival.

But [the practice of dwelling in] the Festival-hut,

waving the Palm-frond,

the seven-days [ of Passover and the Feast],

and the unleavened-bread [of Passover]

do not apply to the Closure-festival.

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