Pisqa’ 141

Pisqa’ 1411


“And you shall rejoice” (Dt.16:14)—

with every type of

[offering that occasions] joy.

Is it possible to say that

even Bird-offerings or Grain-offerings

[may be included despite having no association with joy]?2

The Teaching states:

“In your Feast” (Dt.16:14)—

that is, rejoice with an offering

from which the Festival-offering may be brought.

This excludes Bird-offerings or Grain-offerings,

from which the Festival-offering may not be brought.3


”You, your son, your daughter, your slave, your slave-girl, the Levite, the migrant,

or the fatherless and the widow, who is within your gates” (Dt.16:14)—

[in this list of dependants,]

the most favored take precedence.4

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