Pisqa’ 170

Pisqa’ 1701


“When you enter into the Land” (Dt.18:9)—

perform the commandment specified in this context,

for by virtue of this will you enter the Land.


“Which HASHEM your God is giving you” (Dt.18:9)—

because you deserve it.2


“Do not learn to perform the abominable deeds of those peoples” (Dt.18:9).

Is it possible to say that

you are not free to learn [about their practices],

to explain [them], or to understand [them]?

The Teaching states:

“To perform” (Dt.18:9)—

you are not free to learn how to perform [their rites],

but you may learn to explain [them]

and to understand [them].

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  2. Cf. Pisqa’ot 156.1,162.1, 297.1, etc