Pisqa’ 174

Pisqa’ 1741


“For these nations which you are dispossessing “ (Dt.18:14).

Perform the commandment specified in this context,

for by virtue of this will you dispossess these nations.2


“They consulted the oracles and augurs” (Dt.18:14).

Lest you say—

they have oracular methods, but I do not!

The Teaching states:

“But, as for you, you are not permitted to do this to HASHEM your God” (Dt.18:14).


“Which HASHEM your God is giving you” (Dt.18:9).

The Land has been given to you,

yet you abandon the words of Torah

to busy yourself in its nullification?3

  1. H:201-202; JN2:52.
  2. Cf. Pisqa’ot 156.1, 162.1, 170.1, 173.3, 174.1, 297, etc., for Sifre’s usage of this very common trope.
  3. According to F:220, n.14, this material appears in very few textual testimonies and is probably a copyist’s insertion. It is also likely to be misplaced, as it cites Dr.18:9 out of sequence.