Pisqa’ 180

Pisqa’ 1801


You shall designate for yourself . . . three cities” (Dt.19:2)—

cities, but not fortresses;

cities, but not capitols;

cities, but not towns.2


“Designate for yourself” (Dt.19:2)—

but not for [gentile] others.3


Within your Land” (Dt.19:2)—

but not along the border.4

“Which HASHEM your God is giving you to inherit” (Dt.19:2)—

you will have to conquer whatever you inherit.


“Prepare for yourself the way” (Dt.19:3)—

prepare for yourself highways that

lead straight to it.


“And tri-sect the boundary of your Land” (Dt.19:3)—

so that the [three cities] are not scattered,

but are aligned like two rows of a vineyard.5


“Which HASHEM your God is bequeathing to you” (Dt.19:3)—

this includes the trans-Jordanian territories

[of Gad, Reuben, and Menasseh].6

“So that any one who unwittingly kills [an innocent party]

might seek asylum there” (Dt.19:3)—

so that he needn’t be expelled from city to city.7

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