Pisqa’ 185

Pisqa’ 1851


“If you preserve all this commandment, to perform it . . . ,

then you shall add for yourself another three cities to these three” (Dt.19:9).

On this basis you teach:

Moses designated three cities

in the trans-Jordan (Nu.35:14).

Upon reaching the Land

they designated three more (Nu.35:14)

And in the future [after the conquest of the Land],

they will designate another three.

Three plus three—that equals six,

and another three (Dt.19:9)—equals nine.2

R. Nehorai says:

Three (Nu.35:14) [in the trans-Jordan],

plus three (Nu.35:14 [in the Land—that equals six].

Another three (Dt.19:9)—that equals nine.

Plus three (Dt.19:9)—equals twelve.

R. Saul says:

Three (Nu.35:14) plus three (Nu.35:14),

and another three (Dt.19:9)—that equals nine.

Plus three (Dt.19:9)—equals twelve.

“To these” (Dt.19:9)—[implies at least three more],
yielding a total of fifteen cities of refuge.

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  2. [ii] Cf. M.Mak. 2:4. See also Pisqa’ 164.1.