Devarim (Pisqa'ot 1-25)

Pisqa’ 19

Pisqa’ 191


“And I said to you” (Dt.1:20).

Moses said to them:

Not on my own do I speak to you!

Rather, from the mouth of the Holy One do I speak to you! 2


“You have arrived at the Amorite hills, which HASHEM our God is giving us” (Dt.1:20).

There is an analogy—

A king placed his son with a tutor.

The tutor would stroll around

and show [the kingdom] to him, saying:

all these vines are yours!

all these olive trees are yours!

When the tutor tired of showing him around,

he said to him: everything you see is yours!

Thus, the entire forty years that Israel was in the wilderness,

Moses would say to them:

“For HASHEM your God has brought you to a good Land,

a Land full of rivers of water, of springs and depths

flowing through valley and mountain” (Dt. 8:7).

But when they reached the Land,

he simply said to them:

“You have arrived at the Amorite hills” (Dt.1:20).

Do you say that the time [for conquest] isn’t ripe?

The time is ripe!


“See, HASHEM your God has placed the Land before you” (Dt.1:21).

Moses said to them:

I don’t expect you to accept rumors or tales.

Rather, only what you see with your own eyes!3 ,

“Go up! Take possession!” (Dt.1:21)—


“Go up! Take possession!

As HASHEM, the God of your Patriarchs, has told you!” (Dt.1:21)

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