Pisqa’ 197

Pisqa’ 1971


“And the officers shall continue

to speak with the people, saying:” (Dt.20:8)—

thus, we learn that

they should speak exactly those words.

“Who is the man,

fearful and faint-hearted” (Dt.20:8)—

this is one who has committed a hidden transgression.

“He shall go and return to his home”(Dt.20:8). 


R. Akiva says:

Fearful and faint-hearted

means just that!
R. Yose the Galilean says:

Fearful and faint-hearted

implies that he suffers from an infirmity.2


“So that the hearts of his brothers not faint away like his” (Dt.20:8)—

this teaches that if only one

of them was worried about his transgressions,

they must all return home.3

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