Pisqa’ 201

Pisqa’ 2011


This is how you must treat all the distant cities” (Dt.20:15)—

the distant cities fall under this Teaching,

but nearby cities do not fall under this Teaching.


“Which are not among the cities of those peoples” (Dt.20:15)—

the cities of those [Canaanite] gentiles

do not fall under this Teaching.

“But—in the cities of those peoples, you must not leave a soul alive” (Dt.20:16)—

they shall die by the sword.2


“You must utterly annihilate them” (Dt.20:17)—

is it possible to say that

their booty should be forbidden to you?

The Teaching states:

“And houses filled with every good thing” (Dt.6:11)—

[the booty of these cities is permitted].

“The Hittite, the Amorite, the Canaanite, the Perizzite,

the Hivite and the Jebusite” (Dt.20:17)—

when He states:

“As HASHEM your God has commanded you” (Dt.20:17)—

this clause includes the Girgashites under the Teaching.

  1. H:218; JN2:93
  2. Mech ISH, neziqin, 17, s.v., mah lehalan besayyif