Pisqa’ 212

Pisqa’ 2121


“And you may bring her into the inner-most chamber of your house” (Dt.21:12)

but not anyone else’s house.


“Where she shall shave her head and do her nails” (Dt.21:12)—

R. Eliezer says:

She trims her nails.

R. Akiva says:

She grows them long.

Said R. Eliezer:

Doing applies to what she does to her head,

and doing applies to what she does to her nails—

just as the term applied to her head implies trimming,

so, too, the term applied to her nails implies trimming.

R. Akiva says:

Doing, applied to her head, indicates she has been disgraced;

doing, applied to her nails, indicates that she has been disgraced.

And there is proof for R. Eliezer’s view:

“And Mefiboshet, the son of Saul, went down to the king,

without having done his feet or his moustache” (2Sam.19:28)—

[Thus, doing, implies an act

of trimming that marks one as being in disgrace.]

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