Devarim (Pisqa'ot 1-25)

Pisqa’ 23

Pisqa’ 231


“And they took in their hands some of the fruit of the Land” (Dt.1:25).

Said R. Shimon:

What contemptible people!

For they grabbed with their hands!2

Like a person who grabs figs or grapes for an issar

that’s how they grabbed with their hands!


“And they brought it down to us” (Dt.1:25).

This indicates that

the Land of Canaan is higher

than all other lands,

in line with what is said:

“Let us ascend immediately, and take possession of it!” (Nu.13:30).

[And it says:]

”And they ascended and scouted the Land” (Nu.13:21),

[for it is said:]

Ascending via the Negev” (Nu.13:22),

[and, finally:]

”And they ascended from Egypt” (Gn.45:25).

“And they proposed, saying: Good is the Land

that HASHEM our God is giving to us!” (Dt.1:25).

Now, did they really say good things about it?

Actually, they said evil things about it!

Who said good things?

Only Joshua and Caleb.


“But you did not consent to ascend,

and you defied the utterance of HASHEM your God.” (Dt.1:26).

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  2. See Pisqa’ 20.2.