Pisqa’ 236

Pisqa’ 2361


“To be his wife, but now he hates her;

moreover, he has leveled scandalous charges against her, saying:

I have found no signs of maidenhood in your daughter!

But here is proof of my daughter’s maidenhood!” (Dt.22:16-17)—

that is, here are witnesses to impugn this guy’s witnesses!

 Judah says:

R. Judah says:

He is never obliged

[under this rule to indemnify the father]

unless he has in fact mounted her

[before leveling his charge].

“Then the father of the young lady shall say to the elders” (Dt.22:16)—

this teaches that the plaintiff is the first to present his case.


“If a man is found to have bedded a woman who has been mounted by her husband” (Dt.22:22)—

R. Ishmael says:

The verse comes to teach you about

a [childless, widowed] sister-in-law

[awaiting her levir’s decision

to marry her or to release her from marriage to him]:

One consorting with her [after her husband’s death]

is not liable under the rule

[against mounting a married woman]

until she is actually mounted.2

  1. H:245;JN2:154.
  2. The bulk of Pisqa’ 236. 1-2 consists of material that is poorly attested in the early versions of Sifre.