Pisqa’ 247

Pisqa’ 2471


A man with a crushing wound2 or a severed tube3shall not enter the Community of HASHEM” (Dt.23:2).

What is a “crushing wound” (Dt.23:2)?

Any in which the testicles are damaged.

What about only one of them?

I might infer only that

both of them must be crushed.4

How do I know that the rule applies

even if one of them is partially damaged?

The Teaching states:

“Crushed” (Dt.23:2)—

[even if only partially crushed].

“A severed tube” (Dt.23:2)—

any in which the penis is cut off. 5

Said R. Ishmael b. R. Yohanan b. Baroqa:

I heard the following at the Vineyard of Yavneh—

he who has but one testicle is considered a “daylight castrate”6

[whose condition is congenital]. 7


What distinguishes a crushing wound

from a severed tube?

Only that a crushing wound may regenerate,

while a severed tube will not:

Thus the tradition of the healers.

“The Community of HASHEM” (Dt.23:2).

R. Judah says:

There are four such communities—

the community of the Priests;

the community of the Levites;

the community of Israel,

and the community of Proselytes.

But sages say:

There are three—

[since the Proselytes are not numbered as a distinct Community].8

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