Pisqa’ 255

Pisqa’ 2551


“Should there be among you” (Dr.23:11)—

but not among [gentile] outsiders.

“A man” (Dt.23:11)—

this excludes a minor from the rule.

“Who has not purified himself from a nocturnal emission” (Dt.23:11)—

might I infer only that

the rule applies to an emission by night?

How do I know that it applies as well to an emission by day?

The Teaching states:

“Who has not purified himself” (Dt.23:11)—

from an ejaculation of semen, day or night.

If so, why is an emission by night specified?

This teaches that

the verse speaks in common terms.


“Then he shall go beyond the camp” (Dt.23:11)—

this is a prescriptive commandment;

“He may not go within the camp”(Dt.23:11)—

This is a proscriptive commandment.

R. Shimon says:

“Then he shall go beyond the camp” (Dt.23:11)—

beyond the levitical camp [set aside for Priests].

“He may not go within the camp”—

namely, the camp of the Presence

[which encircles the Tent of Encounter].2

  1. H:256; JN2:183.
  2. A parallel, cited at B. Pes. 68a, clarifies that a man unclean from a nocturnal emission is obliged to refrain from entering either camp until he purifies himself at nightfall.