Pisqa’ 256

Pisqa’ 2561


“Then, he shall wash with water” (Dt.23:12)—

this teaches that

a seminal emission,

[which renders a man unclean till nightfall,]

nullifies the uncleanness of a genital discharge

that appears within twenty four hours

[of the emission].2


“And at sunset he may return to the camp” (Dt.23:12)—

the setting sun delays his re-entry into the camp,

but a [single] genital discharge [following a nocturnal emission]

does not delay his re-entry into the camp.3

  1. H:256;JN2:184.
  2. =M. Zav. 2:3. The appearance of an unexplained genital discharge within 24 hours of a nocturnal emission is assumed to have been caused by the emission. Thus the genital discharge is not included among the incidents of genital discharge warranting this extreme sort of uncleanness.
  3. See Lv. 15:1-15 and M. Zav.1:1-2.