Pisqa’ 258

Pisqa’ 2581


“Because HASHEM your God moves about in the midst of your camp” (Dt.23:15).

On this basis they taught:

A person should not recite the “Listen, Israel” (Dt.6:4 ff.)

next to the soaking-vat of launderers

[because of the smell].2

And: one should not enter a bath-house or a tannery

with scriptural scrolls or prayer-amulets in his hands.


“To spare you and to place your enemies before you” (Dt.23:15).

If you have done all

that is stated in this matter,

He will in the end spare you

and place your enemies before you.3


“And your camp shall become consecrated4 (Dt.23:15)—

That is, you must treat it as consecrated.5

On this basis they taught:

A person should not enter

the Mount of the Abode,

with his staff, his shoes, his purse,

or the dust on his feet.6


“So that He shall not notice among you a lewd thing, and turn away from you” (Dt.23:15)—

this teaches that [sexual] lewdness repels the Presence.7

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  3. This trope appears as well at Pisqa’ 200.3.
  4. Heb: qadosh; literally, “set apart.” From the root, q-d-sh.
  5. Heb: qadsheihu; literally, “set it apart.”
  6. = M. Ber.9:5.
  7. Cf. Pisqa’ 254.3.