Pisqa’ 267

Pisqa’ 2671


When you come upon your kinsman’s standing grain,

you may snatch kernels by hand” (Dt.23:26)—

is it possible to say that

the rule applies any time

[you enter the standing grain]?

The Teaching states:

“But you may not raise a sickle” (Dt.23:26)—

not when you are raising the sickle

on behalf of the boss [while working].

“Your kinsman” (Dt.23:26)—

this excludes [gentile] outsiders2from the rule.

“Your kinsman” (Dt.23:26)—

this excludes [from the rule produce consecrated to] the Supernal One.


“You may snatch kernels by hand” (Dt.23:26)—

that is, you may not reap with a tool.

“But you may not raise a sickle” (Dt.23:26)—

when you are reaping standing grain for the boss

[eat only what you gather by hand]

  1. H:262;JN2:203.
  2. Heb:‘akherim; so F:287, l.3, Ish-Shalom and Pardo. RH and TA have: bavliyim (“Babylonians”). In his commentary, RH emends to ‘akherim.