Pisqa’ 281

Pisqa’ 2811


“Do not pervert justice against the migrant or fatherless” (Dt.24:17).

What do I need this instruction for?

For isn’t it already stated:

Do not pervert justice , do not show favoritism” (Dt.16:19)?

Actually, it teaches that

whoever perverts the judgment of the migrant

transgresses two proscriptions,

[one against perverting justice

and the other against showing favoritism].

But if [the victim were] a fatherless migrant,

[his oppressor] would transgress three proscriptions

[the third being perversion of justice for the fatherless]!


And do not seize as a pledge the garment of a widow” (Dt.24:17)—

whether she lives in poverty or wealth.2

Even if she is as wealthy as Martha b. Beytus.3


R. Shimon says:

Pledges seized from a man should not be returned to a woman,

lest you start frequenting her home

and thusbring her name into disrepute.

  1. H:272;JN2:229
  2. Cf. T. BM. 10:10.
  3. A fabled, wealthy woman of Jerusalem linked to the High Priest, Joshua b. Gamla (M. Yev.6:4; B. Yev. 61a).