Pisqa’ 290

Pisqa’ 2901


“Then the elders of his city shall summon him” (Dt.25:8).

A proper summons must be issued by the elders of his city.

“And shall speak with him” (Dt.25:8)—

about whether [the woman[ is a suitable match.2

For if he was a youngster

and she was much older,

or if he was older

and she was much younger,

they would say:

find one your own age!

why should you bring discord into your home?

“And he shall stand and declare” (Dt.25:8)—

this teaches that he does not

recite his declaration unless he is standing.3

“I have no desire to take her” (Dt.25:8)—

but not because the All-Present

does not desire that she remarry.

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  2. //M. Yev. 12:8.
  3. cf. T.Yev.12:10