Pisqa’ 298

Pisqa’ 2981


“And place it in a basket” (Dt.26:2).

This teaches that

First-fruits should be [presented in] a vessel.

“Then you shall go to the place from which HASHEM your God shall choose” (Dt.26:2)—

that is, Shiloh [while it stood], or the Eternal Abode [while it stood].


“Now, when you reach the Priest who will officiate in those days” (Dt.26:3)—

this is what R. Yose the Galilean taught:

Now, can you imagine that

you would go to a Priest who is not a contemporary?

The point is, seek the rulings of a Priest

who is eminently qualified

among his contemporaries.

If he had been kin to the litigants,

but then lost the connection [e.g., through death],

he is qualified to preside over the declaration.

And in this connection, He states:

“Do not wonder why the old days were better than today,

for such a question does not proceed from wisdom” (Ecc.7:10).2

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