Pisqa’ 299

Pisqa’ 2991


“And you shall say to him” (Dt.26:3)—

not denying the good you have received!

Today I relate to HASHEM your God that I have arrived” (Dt.26:3)—

today implies that

you make the declamation once a year, but not twice a year.2

“In the Land which HASHEM swore to our Patriarchs” (Dt.26:3)—

this excludes proselytes

[for they are not related by blood to the Patriarchs].3

“To give to me” (Dt.26:10)—

this excludes [Hebrew] slaves [for they can own no land].4


R. Shimon says:

this excludes from the rule

[First-fruits of] the territory of Trans-Jordan,

which you captured on your own

[and is not part of the Patriarchal inheritance].5

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